Tools & Resources

These are the apps, products, and resources we use to put Make Time into action.

The Make Time Bonus Pack

After you buy our book, come back and claim the bonus pack! 🖐
• Bonus chapter The Someday Fund by JZ
• 11 bonus tactics
• Discounts on Freedom and Headspace (see below)
• Discount on Blue Bottle Coffee ☕️
• Early access to the official Make Time app

The Official Make Time App (coming soon)

Custom designed as a companion to the Make Time book, this app is also a refreshing alternative to so-called productivity apps that encourage busy work instead of actual work. Designed by AJ&Smart and built by Sidekick in collaboration with Jake and JZ.

A timer for the Internet

Today’s always-on superfast Internet is wonderful, but it’s also super distracting. One solution: Cut the Internet off at the source, like Jake does, by using a vacation timer to automatically go offline at a pre-determined time every day (tactic #28). We recommend this simple mechanical timer from Amazon.

Ways to lock yourself out

For serious help avoiding distractions, try an app and website blocker like Freedom. Jake uses Freedom to lock himself out of email first thing in the morning and during the middle of the day (tactic #42). We also recommend StayFocusd, a simpler website blocker for Google Chrome.

Password manager app

Log Out (tactic #18) is one of the simplest ways to beat distraction: Just log out of distracting websites when you’re not using them. To supercharge this tactic, be like JZ: Change your passwords to something random and impossible-to-remember, then store them in a password manager like 1Password.

The Time Timer

Setting a visible timer (tactic #52) can have a big effect on your ability to stay Laser focused. We love the Time Timer, a brilliant countdown clock that makes time visible. They make a bunch of different models, but we recommend the special Time Timer Make Time Edition (!) for convenient desktop use.

A regular alarm clock

We know smartphones are super handy alarm clocks, but we recommend a dedicated alarm clock that won’t mess up your sleep. This alarm clock is simple, cheap, and easy to use, and has a backlight that only turns on when you need it. For something way fancier, try this Philips model that simulates the sunrise.

Meditation apps

The benefits of meditation (tactic #78) are well documented. It reduces stress. It increases happiness. It recharges your brain and boosts focus. We recommend a couple of great apps to help you start and keep going: Headspace (get a free month in the bonus pack) and Oak (which is free all the time).

Make Time Daily Notes

Make Time isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. There are 87 different tactics you can use to tailor the framework to you. The key to this personalization is jotting down what worked today and what you want to try tomorrow. You can download and print a PDF of the Make Time Notes in hand-drawn format or a simpler, cleaner look.

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