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Exclusive Bonus Chapter
The Someday Fund: Money to Make Time

Make Time is about redesigning your time so you don’t have to wait till “someday” to give attention to what matters most. But there are a few “someday” projects that require more than just attention and energy—they require money too. In this bonus chapter, JZ explains how he and his wife funded their “someday” project of of quitting their jobs and traveling by sailboat.

11 Bonus Tactics

We wrote these tactics for the first draft of Make Time, but decided to cut them to make the final book as short and sweet as possible. Some of the missing tactics are pretty good, and some of them are just plain silly (seriously, “Pee Breaks”?) but we’ll let you decide for yourself. You also might like to geek out on some early versions of the illustrations.

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We’re big fans of the Headspace app, and it was the inspiration for Tactic #78, “Trick Yourself Into Meditating”.

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