Making Time for What Matters

A special set of lessons for Spring 2020 students of Consuming Happiness

Hey everybody!

I was really looking forward to visiting Madison and seeing all of you in person. That’s not possible any more 😢, but I’m happy I can still share Make Time with you via video and text.

These lessons are based on content from The Highlight Course, which is a 4-week program run by me and my coauthor Jake Knapp. There might be a few places in the videos where we say “The Highlight Course” or “the course,” but hopefully it’s not too confusing.

We created the Make Time framework because we struggled to focus our time and energy on the things that mattered to us. Working in the tech industry, we were inundated by new information, emails, meetings, chats, and a million other distractions. We tried doing more by focusing on productivity optimization, but it only made the problem worse—we got really good at reacting to everyone else’s priorities.

Now that the world is in crisis, our lives are chaotic, and our routines have been disrupted, it’s more important than ever to find a system or framework for managing your time and energy. I hope Make Time helps you focus on what matters every day.


John Zeratsky
Creator of Make Time
Bestselling author of Make Time and Sprint